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Essential information on compliance, safety protocols, and FAQs, all accessible via the FARS website. Our goal is to promote responsible gun ownership.

Firearms ID Card and Permit to Purchase

Visit the FARS website to begin the process.

Procedure for a Concealed Carry Permit

Visit the FARS website to begin the process.

Firearms FAQs

For all other firearms inquiries please reference the State Police website.

Civilian Carry Assessment and Range Evaluation (CCARE)

All certified firearms instructors in NJ shall now instruct on the CCARE protocol.

Motor Vehicles

Obtain handicapped placards and disability parking privileges and manage vehicle-related documentation and requirements.

Application for Temporary Handicapped Placard

The temporary placard is valid for no longer than 6 months from the date of issue.

Application for Vehicle License Plates And/Or Placard for Persons with Disability

Disability parking privileges are valid for three years.

Crash Amendment

This form is to be used to make amendments on crash reports that were previously reported to the Kearny Police Department.

Voluntary Registration

Voluntary Registration services cater to individuals with specific safety needs, aiming to safeguard community members through proactive measures.

Persons Who May Wander Due to a Medical Condition

(Example: Alzheimer’s Disease and/or Autism)

Vacant House Registration Form

Release of Liability for house checks of your home.


If you cannot locate a document, please use the Contact Us form to inquire, or give us a call during regular business hours at our non-emergency number, (201) 998-1313.

Instructions for Filing a "Bad Check" Complaint

Also, call the Detective Bureau at (201) 998-1313 and ask to make an appointment with a
detective to assist in filing a bad check complaint.

Open Public Records Act (OPRA) Request Portal

Submit a request, find more information, and track the status of a request.

Town Clerk's Forms

You’ll find the Outdoor Dining application, Adopt A Tree application, Public Dance Permits, Construction forms, Sound Truck Permits, Limo driver license applications, and more.

Body Worn Cameras SOP

Guidelines for the lawful use and operation of the
agency-authorized body-worn camera recording system.

Random Drug Testing

Protocol for random drug testing of sworn police officers.

Early Warning System

Designed to detect patterns and trends in police conduct before that conduct
deteriorates into misconduct.

T & U Visas

Victims of qualifying crimes
or human trafficking may be eligible for a T visa or U visa.

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