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Be sure to mark Kearny Police Department as your preference upon signing up for the New Jersey Civil Service examination.

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Are You Ready to Serve and Protect the Community of Kearny?

The Kearny Police Department is looking for dedicated individuals who embody integrity, respect, and a commitment to upholding the law. As a Kearny Police Officer, you’ll play a vital role in ensuring the safety and well-being of our citizens.

Explore information on the application process, eligibility requirements, and other frequently asked questions.

When you sign up for the New Jersey Civil Service examination for police officers, remember to mark Kearny Police Department as your preference. 

Candidates are required to submit separate applications for each title and jurisdiction for which he or she wish to be eligible.

Your Path to a Rewarding Police Career

Competitive Compensation

Top Base Pay:
$123,867 (Patrol Officer)
Top Vacation:
Up to 232 hours annually
Additional Benefits:
We offer compensatory hours and sick leave to ensure work-life balance.

Comprehensive Benefits

Health and Well-being:
Through our partnership with the State Health Benefits Program, you’re provided with extensive medical coverage options, including the Direct 10 or Direct 15 plans. Join Direct Primary Care at no additional cost, this ensures access to personalized care without the worry of co-pays. Our team members also receive comprehensive dental coverage through Delta Dental.
Stipends and Overtime:
Benefit from holiday, education, uniform, and detective stipends, along with overtime opportunities, enhancing your earning potential.

Secure Future

Pension System:
Through the PFRS pension system, we’re committed to your long-term financial security, offering a defined benefit plan that supports you into retirement.
Wellness Program:
Engage in NJWELL, a wellness initiative aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles, further highlighting our commitment to the overall well-being of our team members.
Start Your Career

Becoming A Kearny Police Officer

The Town of Kearny adheres to the employment laws set forth by the New Jersey Civil Service Commission. To begin your journey towards joining our force, interested candidates must take the New Jersey Civil Service examination for police officers. This examination ranks candidates on a hiring list for future consideration. For more information on examinations and eligibility criteria, visit the NJ CSC website.

What We Look For In Candidates

We strive to recruit the best and brightest individuals to serve as Kearny Police Officers. The first step towards joining our team is signing up for the Law Enforcement Entry Exam. After this exam, applicants are contacted in rank order as vacancies arise. During the hiring process, comprehensive background investigations, and medical, fitness, and psychological exams are conducted. If hired, recruits are paid during the police academy.

Applicants are grouped by their residencies, however, during the last two test cycles the Kearny Police Department has hired from (1), (2), and (3), opening applications to residents of the whole of New Jersey.

(1) Town of Kearny and City of Newark; (2) Hudson and Essex Counties; (3) New Jersey; (4) United States

At the Kearny Police Department, we value diversity and welcome applicants from all backgrounds. Whether you’re a recent graduate, a military veteran, or a seasoned professional, we encourage you to apply.

Diversity in Law Enforcement

It is crucial for law enforcement agencies to mirror the diversity of the communities they serve. The Kearny Police Department is proud to reflect the rich diversity of our community. Our department’s demographics align closely with the latest United States Census data for the Town of Kearny. This alignment is due to our town’s residency requirements for police officer positions and the Kearny Police Department’s comprehensive recruitment efforts.

Current Recruitment Efforts of The Kearny Police Department
  • Engaging with Local Educational Institutions: We distribute comprehensive recruitment materials to area colleges, fostering connections with a diverse pool of potential candidates.

  • Prioritizing Local Residents: Our hiring policy prioritizes applicants from Kearny and Newark, ensuring our force reflects the communities we serve.

  • Leveraging Social Media: We maximize the reach and impact of our recruitment drives through active and strategic use of social media platforms.

  • Building Community Trust: We emphasize and maintain positive police-citizen encounters, reinforcing our commitment to community-oriented policing.

  • Offering Competitive Benefits: Our department provides competitive work schedules and salaries to attract and retain top talent.

  • Community Outreach: Recruitment flyers and information are prominently displayed in various storefronts throughout the Town of Kearny, increasing visibility and accessibility.

Training and Preparation

To excel in your training, we recommend starting a regular, physician-approved fitness regimen months before your anticipated hire date. Once hired, all recruits undergo mandatory training at a police academy.

It’s important to note that New Jersey police academies now have mandatory physical fitness entrance requirements.

Join the Kearny, NJ Police Department

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