Video Partnership

Video cameras are one of the best methods for detecting and apprehending criminals.

With our Community Video Partnership Program, we are partnering with you to create a secure, private map of locations with cameras so our police officers can quickly contact you if your camera may have captured footage related to a crime.

You can register your security camera that views any public area in the town (sidewalks, streets, parking lots, etc.) If a crime is committed in your area, we may contact you to review footage related to that incident. We would then use that information to apprehend and prosecute the criminals involved.

If you believe your security footage has captured evidence of a crime, please contact our detectives right away at (201) 998-1313.

Assist the Kearny PD With Camera Surveillance

Camera Contact
Camera Contact and Location Address
Camera Contact and Location Address
Preferred Method of Contact
Camera Information
How Does Your Camera Record?
How long is your security footage retained (accessible) before it is purged?

Maximum file size: 516MB

You can optionally upload images (up to four cameras) or screenshots of what your cameras can see.  If we can determine that your camera may not be of any use to our investigation we will not contact you.  Private security cameras that point at the sidewalk and street are usually very useful in helping the Police Department to solve crimes.  We encourage our residents to find an angle that serves their needs as well as offering a view of public areas.  
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